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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What happens during the FREE consultation?
    During your free consultation call, we get to know more about your brand and business operations. From here we hear about what your pain points, or business issues, are and try to decipher if that is actually the underlying problem or is there something else that would provide you a stronger growth result. We then break down what services we provide that can potentially resolve the issues and provide you substantial information to consider if you would like to work with us! During this call, there isn’t any pressure to make any decisions, but allows us to see what position you’re in and share what can be a better direction for you.
  • What do you guys expertise in?
    We are a creative marketing agency focusing on scaling your brand by utilizing various processes to connect with your audience on a trusting level. This can be manifested through proper visual design and representation, search engine optimization (SEO), constructing advertisement campaigns, social media optimization and management, and several other methods. Each brand is different and requires a different approach, so we customize the experience to make sure that it properly aligns with your values and goals. At Toolipis, we value a collaborative and transparent approach, so we will be in contact with you at every step of the way and within all decisions. At the end of each project, we hope to teach you a little more about your brand position and how to maintain momentum!
  • What are your core values?
    Our 4 core values are family-hood, flexibility, fairness, and focus. We aim to treat all that work with Toolipis as kin and grow each other as we grow. As growth always leads to expansion, we emphasize flexibility with your project so that we can work with the twists and turns that are always associated with growth. With a collaborative and transparent project approach, we maintain fairness to your business to know that you will always receive the best of what is put in. Lastly, from the moment we begin a project with you, our team will hone in and concentrate to meet your project goals and yield amazing results. See more on our website:
  • Is all the work done in-house?
    Our team consists of elite creative and marketing prprofessionals that tackle your projects head-on. However, in case of bigger scale projects, we do open the doors to outsource to freelance professionals to enhance our project team. All of our directors and executive leaders are in-house and will be your main source of contact to ensure that we are always on the same page in terms of vision and communication.
  • Do you have any case studies and references?
    Yes, all of our projects are listed in our projects page. If you are within an industry in which we do not have any work history in, we still would be glad to host a discovery phase meeting with you to see if we can help serve your needs, point out additional or the exact issue you’re experiencing, or redirect you another path to fulfill your needs.
  • What will be expected of me as a client?
    During the Discovery Phase of the project, we will go through with you what you have done for your business up to that point. We will then consult with you to see what are your goals for the business and what actions have been and will need to be taken to reach those goals. Further, we will lay out what we will do as your agency to help push for this goal and what you will need to do on your behalf to make this project yield the desired results. Once the action plan is approved there will be some expectations from you, as the client, to make sure communication is prioritized and transparency in the process is provided. Clients are expected to: Respond to emails, text messages, and/or return phone calls within the next business day. A reminder will be sent out, but a response is expected even if it is to share that you will not be able to respond for a while. Follow-through with all payments based on payment plans prior to engaging on the next stage of work. Provide all necessary information/documentation that is requested to further the project status and prevent any delays
  • What is the onboarding process like?
    To begin, all clients will start with a FREE consultation call in which we will learn about you as well as you would about us. This stage will allow us to roughly see if we’re in the right position to assist your needs or if we would need to redirect you. This call also shares the rough estimate of a budget needed to engage a project with us. When it is agreed upon by both parties to engage in a project, we will schedule with you a discovery phase meeting, in which we meet to discuss what are your exact pain points, the history that resulted in those pain points, and how we would go about solving them. At this point we will break down a list of services that we feel will help and give you a few days to think it over. After receiving a call, we will construct a proposal that will break down the timeline, services, costs, and other details. This document will serve as a skeleton to our project so that you may follow along on the stages that we’re in. Upon approving the proposal, you will be requested to sign a contract to begin the first phase of the project and so forth. Each phase will not move forward until the respective amount is paid to begin that phase of the project. Further an NDA contract will be issued to secure confidentiality until the project is complete and ready to be published. During the timeline, there will be set days in which we will present the current status and updates on the project and allow a time for feedback by you, the client. All necessary documentation, information, graphics, and files will be transferred to us through USB, Google Drive, and/or physical transfer. All files and documents will be securely stowed.
  • How will I receive communication about my project?
    Our Account Executives (AE) will always be your main point of contact if you have any questions, concerns, or information you would like to provide. As we reach closer to review dates, our AEs will contact you via email and phone to remind you of that date. If a reschedule is needed, we ask that you please let us know at least 24 hours in advance and provide a preferred rescheduling date. We understand that confusions can always occur. Therefore, the Creative Director will also be available for you to talk to for further clarification on anything.
  • Who do I call if I have a question or issue?
    Our Account Executives will be your main point of contact for all project related questions. In case your questions require detailed clarification, you may request to speak directly with the Creative Director on your project and they will be glad to help with your questions
  • Upon completion of the project, what do I own?
    Upon completion, you will own all of the deliverables provided for you, including any accounts created on your behalf. Upon completion, you will have a total of 30 days to ask for any minor adjustments to the project such as positioning, color change, and etc. If the requested adjustment requires a great amount of project time, we will have to re-open the project for 50% of the contract total balance and draft a new contract for the timeline of work. For all contracts involving management services, you will have access to all accounts upon request but will not have privileges to alter any details to the account until the duration of the contract has ended.
  • Will there be any additional items that I would need to budget for outside of your contract?
    It solely depends on the contract and agreement crafted between us. If a project requires several other additional purchases needed, that will be presented and evaluated during the discovery phase and proposal. We always want to work within the budget of our clients, so we will try to draft a plan that yields the best results without costing the highest budget. With that being said, projects can vary in budget depending on the expected results. Higher budgets tend to offer better wiggle room in case of unforeseen circumstances and issues. If the client budget, outside of our services, has a remaining balance at the end of the project, those funds will automatically be returned to you.
  • Is there a “rush” option and would that include fees?
    We do offer a “rush” option in which we will shorten down a projected timeline to meet your needs. However, this will require our team to extend their work hours and possibly recruit additional professionals to meet your goals within the desired timeframe. Due to the increase in work hours and team members, a 50% of total balance will be implemented and will need to be paid upfront to expedite any project. From this point on, your remaining balance will be adjusted accordingly to fit the new timeline.
  • How will I know that this will guarantee the right results?
    In all honesty, in this industry we can only ensure results to projects that exactly match our past case studies and projects. During our discovery phase meetings, we will draw from our expertise, experiences, and your business positioning to give a strong vision of what the results may be if we start a project. Throughout the entirety of the project, we strongly believe in keeping the work transparent so you understand the growth and the development of the project and your brand. During this time, there will be shifts, redirecting, and omitting some stages, but all this will be shared with you before any action is taken. We emphasize a collaborative approach to all of our projects in which we hope to build an understanding relationship with you as you begin to scale.
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