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Social Media

Set Up

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Yelp, Groupon, TikTok, Twitters


Set up Bio, General Hashtags,

Social Media Moods

Social Media Campaigns

(Meta Ads)

  • Target Audiences

  • AB Testing

  • Contents Boosting

Social Media Management 

& Content Creation

  • Research for contents & hashtags

  • Mock up contents

  • Regular uploading of contents

  • Managing/filtering

  • comments and messages 

  • Marketing reports for monitoring

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is any method of marketing that encourages websites or users to share a marketing message with other websites or users, which can make the message more visible and have a bigger effect.

Yelp Marketing


  • Yelp Account Management

  • Yelp Ads

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing uses top content creators in a specific niche to raise brand awareness, boost traffic, and get messages to the right people. 

  • Ambassador Program

  • Influencer Program

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